Small groups and self-guided adventures across Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Our trekking trips in the Balkans are a great way to explore this wonderful and unique diverse peninsula.

Whether you’re looking for walking trips with a challenging long-distance trek, or a more relaxed family-friendly walking holiday in Balkan, there are several trips around for everyone. Not only the trips offered below, but more than that we can offer and design according to your request. The Balkan tours are nowadays the most required trips in Europe.

Visit like a local, explore at your own pace.

"Ok, we're back to the Balkans again, Back to the joy and the pain.
What if it hums or it blows, or it snows?
We’re back to the Balkans again.
Back, where to-morrow the quick may be dead,
With a hole in his heart or a ball in his head.
Back, where the passions are rapid and red,
Oh, we're back to the Balkans again!"


— Song of the Balkan Peninsula


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